Indoor Gardening

How To Grow Indoor Plants From Seeds

Some indoor plants are very easy to grow from seeds by following a few simple steps. Avoid some steps while growing plants that can harm the seedlings.

Rapid Rooter Vs Root Riot

It’s either a rapid rooter or root riot but both are for seed growing medium with nutrients and pre-made culture medium to propagate the plants

CFL vs LED Grow Light

CFL and LED are two types of lighting systems for indoor planting. CFLs are preferred for being cost-friendly and LEDs are known for their high efficiency.


A Lawn Trimmer- Weed Whacker or Weed Whipper

In-depth, there are no differences among weed whacker, wacker, whipper, eater. They are the same in functions. The basic difference is string line or string trimmer uses a monofilament nylon line.

Top 5 Best Pots for Peace Lilies

Peace Lilies are some of the easiest houseplants to take care of. They are known for being very low-maintenance as they need very little tending. But one thing they do need is vigorous water drainage. Without proper drainage, it is hard for Peace Lillies to thrive. And, the right kind of pot can solve the …

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