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How to Stop House Plants Growing Too Tall

Indoor plants look polished in small sizes. But some plants get their place high. Plants like snake plants, rubber plants, fiddle leaf figs grow faster indoors. However, bushy plants are best for beautifying your indoor garden. If you’re tired of asking how to stop house plants growing too tall? you’re in the right place.

Outdoor plants may create acute trouble while they grow vertically. It looks odd in the veranda if they grow too tall. Feel happy that there are some proven techniques to make the plant short. Flowering plants are expected to be short and bushy in the garden.

What can I choose to stop the fastest growth of the plants?

Pruning the root and stem is the best option to inhibit growth. But you can also use plant growth inhibitors like abscisic to stop them from growing too tall.

If you are having a small place and want to keep your plant polished then this article is for you to help your problem to get a solution.

Use Less Water and Fertilizer 

This is an old process to keep plants short. Often the gardeners switch to this method to stop plants from growing tall. The gardeners suddenly decrease the amount of soil fertilizer and water. They convince them that less soil and water will stunt the growth of the plant. But this method is absolutely wrong. Soil fertilizer and water are the main nutrients to grow a plant. 

Using less fertilizer and water will stop them from living. That means the plant will die from the deficiency of fertilizer and water they require most to live. I must suggest not to do so. It will harm your plants other than benefits. Whenever you are going to stop watering and fertilizing the plants, you are predisposing the plants to diseases. So don’t let your plant be affected by any fungal disease. 

Cut The Tips 

To make a bushy and small size of the plants, cut the tips of the branches. Use sharp shears to cut the right above from the bough. If branches of plants are growing tall then cut them and make them short. By this, you will get a bushy plant indoors. This is the easiest technique to make short of them. Indoor plants are pretty when they are in the nutty and bushy size.

 Try to cut the tips of the plant in spring when the spring is running. Because most of the flowering plants grow fast in the spring season. Indoor plants like rubber plants, fiddle leaf figs, dumb cane, pothos, etc grow faster than any other plant. While they are growing too tall, cut the tip of the bough. Don’t let them grow vertically. When they are growing, cut their leaves from the base bough. You can cut all the tips of the plants. 

Herbaceous flowering plants don’t have woody buds or boughs. So you can cut their stem from the base bough. When you pinch back the plants, it will stop upward growth. As a result, you will get a compact plant in your garden.

Prune the Plants

Pruning the plant is an amazing idea to stop the plants from growing too tall. Pruning can be done in both stems and roots. Let’s talk a bit deeper about pruning the plants’ roots.

Stem pruning

To get a fuller houseplant, stem pruning is an effective way. It helps the plants to grow horizontally. If you are having taller plants in your veranda and desperately want to make it stop from growing tall.

Root Pruning 

To retrieve the optimal health of the plant, you can do root pruning. But this is more effective on root-bound plants. Like the plants which are in a container have more roots that don’t go out of the space of the container. You need to cut the overgrown root of plants.

 For example, you have Monstera and it’s growing too fast. You want to stop its growth. Let me show you the whole root pruning process as it is a sensitive procedure for plants. Apposite measures are needed to keep in mind in case of pruning the root. Without any further delay, let’s get to the process directly. We will be talking about indoor and outdoor pruning also. Get started-


Let’s take Monstera Dilociosa as an example. Monsteras are loving indoor plants. But you want to keep them short for your room table. Follow the step

  • Turn the plants’ pot upside down. Remove the plants first. You will see root-bounded plants. Take sharp shears and trim the thin roots. Be careful about the main roots of the plants. Cut the thinner roots as much as possible to trim them out.
  • After finishing the trimming of the thin roots, get the plant again in the pot with soil. And keep them at the shaded places. But make sure of adequate light to the plants.
  • Cut them at least keeping the roots  2-3 inches tall. As they have the fastest root growth. So that, their water transportation remains programmable to the plants.


For the outdoor outfits, you can have stem pruning rather than root pruning, if and only it’s about fruits plants. For 10-12 feet high plants have strong stems. So choose the stems and cut them out. Try to trim them at spiring. Use garden shears to cut all the branches of the plants. Make specific of the thinner stems to cut. Whenever you are going to cut the branches, keep a 45-degree angle to the stem. Try to avoid light burn in the plants in spring.

Use Small Pots

At the time of potting the plant, use a small pot if you are predetermined to have a short growth plant on your home side. A small pot can resist the overgrowth of the root. When the root will not get up to space then it will bound in the pot. You can easily cut the roots of the plants. In a small pot, the plants can have less fertilizer and less growing energy. But keep them in well-draining soil. So that, there should not be any root rot. Water the plants keeping them in a shaded place. When your plants grow so tall, they will come more to the bright light. This may cause light burn to the plants.

Use Alcohol to Stunt the Growth

You won’t believe alcohol can stunt the growth of plants. To make it happen, you will need 4-6% diluted alcohol solution. But avoid wine or beer. You might be thinking about plants’ drunk. But plants don’t have any brains which will make them drunk after pouring into the pots. So don’t worry about plants. If still, you have confusion you can check this article to clear your doubts.

 Keep Appropriate Temperature

Sometimes temperature influences the plants to grow fast. So be stable at keeping the temperature at 25 degrees Celcius( 77 degrees F).  this stable temperature helps the plant to start its food preparation process. So the plants get less energy to grow in speed.

Now you may have a question why should I stop my plants from growing too tall? Because sometimes, it can be the reason for others’ trouble. It can affect your indoor space. The overgrown root may defect the wall of your house. So definitely you are gonna stop your plants from growing too tall when it is the reason behind the problem. Besides these, there are so many reasons why you should stunt the growth of the plants in your house. Let me explain you in detail below-

To avoid others’ Panic

In our house, there is a different root-bounded type of plant. Often you will see some plants grow too tall that they peek into other corridors. Your neighbor must be offended because of your too-long plant. So keep them under your area by pruning their boughs. And also it’s a matter of sadness when your plants are in the flowering stage and you need to cut to avoid other problems.

To Increase Beautification

For aesthetic purposes, the plants you kept in your house are the icon of beauty. It symbolizes your personality also. So arranging plants is art for gardeners. Think you have Lucky bamboo in your table corner. But it’s too long that touches the roof ceiling. Besides, it is destroying the room decor as well as the ceiling. If you are passionate about your indoor decoration, keep pruning the plants.

To Get More Fruits and Flower

FLowering plants are meant to be pruned. Because as much as you prune them, they will give you more flowers in their buds. Cut them like one or two inches every two weeks later. So that it easily can adopt its bushy appearance. Likewise, if you keep the fruits plants short, they will grow in more branches with more fruits.

To get Healthy Plants

Our house lawn or verandas are full of plants during the spring and winter seasons. so get a healthy plant, it is not good to prune the stems at the flowering stage. And also we should avoid trimming at the vegetative stage. Overgrown plants are needed to prune at the start of spring.


  • Remember that do not trim or cut the stems of the plants while they are in the flowering stage. It can put an effect on the plants’ flowering and fruits stage. Like marijuana plants has a quick growth. but they grew more in the vegetative stage and flowering stage. so do not cut them in that time.
  • Make double-cut after one week from the first cut to a tall plant. But it’s for the outdoor big and medium-sized plant. Cut them at collar base putting a 45-degrees angle
  • Turn the plants’ phase into a shadow phase to stunt the growth.   
  • You can go for greenhouse methods where a minimum temperature, minimal pressure, and guidelines have to be followed.
  • You can use some plant growth inhibitor to stop their fastest growth.


Question 1:  which plant growth inhibitor I should choose?

Answer: You can go for Abscisic acid and Ethylene to inhibit the growth of the plant.

Question 2: My flowering plants are too tall. Should I cut them at the flowering phase?    

Answer: No. Don’t try to trim them at the flowering period. Do it later.

Question 3: Can I cut the whole plant at the collar base?

Answer: Do not cut the entire plant. Better prune it in a scheduled routine. It will increase the bud sites in the plants

Final Thoughts

Pruning and pruning is the best way to keep your plants in short size. You can cut them to stop their vertical growth. Try to make the plants compact and make the plants shorter according to branch levels. A beautiful plant can be a reason for your sound mind. Do cut off your overgrown plants to make them happy too. 

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