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Train Your Monsteras How to Climb High

Monstera deliciosa is a very pretty and expensive plant. Everybody wishes to have a Monstera deliciosa in their corner.  But they have huge growth when they get more space. They are creepy plants and get heavier day by day. Train your monsters to climb high rather than sideways. The right direction to climb them to high will make them happy. The Monsteras get heavier when they grow huge. If you prefer to climb them high then you can add some sorts of poles to support them. 

What if I keep them in a normal way without any training?

If you keep them without any support, they will grow horizontally. And your indoor decoration may look like a jungle. If you train them from the very first, then they will grow beautifully.

So without any further intro let’s get into the process of climbing the Monsteras.

Types of Support

There are more than 40 species of Monstera deliciosa in the world. Like Monstera deliciosa, Monstera Borsigliana, Monstera Variegata, Monstera Adansonii , Monstera Pinnatipartite, Monstera Dubia, Monstera Siltepecana, etc most of the Monsteras are creepy plants. To grow straight, they will need the support of something tall. When the Monstera plants are medium-sized plants, start training them to climb with the poles or support around.

Types of Poles or support you can add in Monstera pots to climb them high. 

  • Moss Poles
  • Coco coir Poles
  • U shaped Canes
  • Multiple Bamboo Cane

As Monsteras are creepy plants and grow like bushy and heavier plants let’s start with the Moss poles and Multiple Bamboo Cane. We are gonna show you how it works. 

Moss pole

Adding a moss pole to support the Monstera to maintain the trajectory. Moss poles are perfect for Monstera Deliciosa especially. Because they are giant and more like climbers. Creepy Monstera grows giant when they get more space. Help it to climb in the moss pole. Moss poles help them to keep their stems in the right direction. Moss poles avoid the bending of the stems. So are you ready to learn how to train your Monsteras to climb high?

Let’s get started.

We need to make moss poles first. We will need some materials to make the moss poles stronger.  The required materials are-

  1. Stick
  2. Peat moss
  3. Gardening wire
  4. Potting mixture
  5.  Bag of Perlite
  6.  Pruning Shears
  7. Cable tightrope
  8. Pots(Terracotta/ Plastic)

 To climb a creepy plant, a strong moss pole is very urgent.  Let’s start the process.


Take a bamboo stick according to the height you want to make it climb. For your understanding,  I took 4 feet of a stick to make it as high as possible, and also your preference.


Now take the gardening wire. This wire will help the peat moss to get stuck together. As well as the bough will get the direction to climb. Take a sharp shear to cut the gardening wire equal to the stick size. A taller pole can reduce your double work at a time.


Keep the peat moss over the gardening wire and wrap it over the wire keeping the bamboo stick inside of it. Like, make it a rolling pole with peat moss. Tighten the gardening wire with a cable tightrope.


Add soil mixture to a pot. First, get half of the soil into a new pot. (Repotting is necessary only when you use a small pot during germination. Or you buy it in a plastic bag).  Then keep the Monstera in the pot. Add the moss pole into the soil. And cover the rest of the gap with the soil. This moss pole will help the Monstera roots to get stuck in the moss pole. 

I might suggest you tighten up the stem of Monsteras with the moss pole. So That the Monstera get the right direction to climb up. Though plants have a natural aerial root grabbing process to adopt the support and climb according to their nature. Tightening up the stem will make sure that they have got support to climb. Don’t keep them in indirect light. It’s done to help them in climbing.

Now if you have Monstera Adansonii then you can adopt some other support to help them climb. Choosing U-shaped cane or Coco coir poles will make it a more beautiful and perfect climbing vibe to the plants. Let’s see how it works.

U Shaped Cane

Monstera Adansonii is a very creepy plant. If you want to help them in climbing then U shaped cane is very conducive. This gives a spiral direction to the plants. Using more than one U-shaped cane can give you a different shape of Monsteras in your indoor garden. You can decorate the mature plant through the U-shaped cane as you want.

To make a homemade U-shaped cane, you will need thick bamboo stakes that are flexible and strong enough. Choose at least a 10 feet long stick. Bend it like a parabolic shape. You will get a 5 feet high U-shaped cane.  Make a close knot between its two ends with a rope. It will look like a U shape. Make 2-3 U-shaped cane. 

Attach them with each other to give an umbrella structure. Excavate some soil from the pot and put the U-shaped cane there. Adjust the creepy Monstera on the cane and tighten up them with rope to stuck in the cane. Be sure that you have put the cane in the depth of the soil. Because stability is a prior concern. Pretty Monsteras are big and heavy enough

Likewise, U-shaped cane, Multiple bamboo cane is cheaper than any other pole. You will need some bamboo sticks and add them around the Monsteras’ pot with strong stability. You can make french with bamboo sticks.

 Except for moss poles, U-shaped You can use a coco coir pole to give a stand to your Monsteras. It’s easy to buy from any nursery or online. If you want it homemade then you will need some materials. Like-

  • Coconut fiber
  • A tall pole or pipe
  • Rope 

Get these materials and start making a coco coir pole. You can have a better look below-

Take a 2-3 cm diameter and 4-5 feet high plastic pipe. Rather than plastic, you can replace it with bamboo or steel. But my preference is to get a plastic pipe. Because it’s lighter than bamboo and steel.  Then add coconut fiber at the top of the pipe and tighten up with the rope. This way, keep adding coconut fiber and tighten it down.

If repotting is not necessary then dig some soil till deep and add the coco coir pole in the pot. Add soil in potted Monstera to make the pole strong. Tighten up the Monstera with the pole.

With the help of these poles or support, you can train up your Monsteras to climb high.


The Monstera have their own growth pattern. Sometimes you can keep them towards the light. They will take their direction with the help of sunlight. This is one of the easiest ways in the book to train your monsters how to climb high.


Question 1. Should I make a pole during the germination process?

Answer: My suggestion is no. Do it after the plant grows.

Question 2. Should I train them to climb?

Answer: Yes. Though they have natural habitats. But train them up.

Final Verdict

To get a decorative indoor veranda, get these pretty ways to climb the Monsteras in high. Pruning the leaves can reduce the heaviness of the plant. Now that you know ways train your monsters how to climb high, don’t let them grow like a jungle. Moss and coco coir poles are more effective for heavy plants. Get your preference and adorn your room with the pretty Monsteras you have. Happy Monstera day.

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