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A Lawn Trimmer- Weed Whacker or Weed Whipper

A lawn is your favorite place for spending quality time with family members and friends.

Smooth grass on the lawn is more comfortable. Weedwhacker, weed eater, or weed whipper all are the same with different names. To trim the grass, there are many trimmers named weed wacker, weed whipper, weed eater, etc. You will need some short techniques and experience to use a trimmer.

Weed whipper or weed whacker is good for trimming?

Two different terms but the same tools are for different work activities. Weedwhacker or eater is for mowing the lawn. And weed whippers make easy access to the unreached place where they need to cut the grass. This is inevitable for garden or lawn grass trimming.

Let’s know how this works and where to use weed whippers or weed whackers.

Weed Whacker/ Eater/ whipper

Another name of weed whacker is a weed eater. But you may know this as a common name string trimmer. Weed Whacker is for cutting the weeds as well as the grass. This is a convenient tool for trimming. It trims the weeds or grass in a standard size at the point of impact. This is often double as edgers.

A weed whacker is perfect for a long and straight yard. This has many names because it uses monofilament or nylon string to trim the grass and weeds in the lawn. For a smooth and even cut of weeds and grass, a string trimmer is perfect. To make a well-shaped lawn, you need to trim the grass.

In-depth, there are no differences among weed whacker, wacker, whipper, eater. They are the same in functions. The basic difference is string line or string trimmer uses a monofilament nylon line. And weed eaters use plastic bodies with metal blades. The benefit of using a weed whacker or eater or whipper is you don’t need to bend yourself. Without bending yourself you can easily make a cutoff of your weeds or grasses in your lawn. Sometimes it is called a strimmer in the British region. Let’s know how many names are there to make it differentiate from itself-

  • Weedwhacker 
  • Weed Eater
  • String line
  • Strimmer
  • Weed whipper
  • Trimmer

If you suddenly hear these names then be sure that they are talking about the trimmer.  These are different in name but the same in function. Don’t worry if you change your region and hear about these names.

Category of Trimmer

 A string line or weed whacker whatever you called it, has two types of trimmer.

  1. Corded or Cordless Trimmer
  1. Gasoline Trimmer.

Let’s have the details of these trimmers.

  1. Corded or Cordless Trimmer

 Corded trimmers are electric trimmers. These are easily handled weed whackers. Cordless trimmers are for a large lawn. For even cut-off large lawns’ grass or weeds, cordless trimmers are best. Because you can move with a trimmer in the whole yard without any obstacles. Battery-powered trimmers are low maintenance and easy tools to trim out the weeds and grasses of the lawn. A corded trimmer can make trouble with wire while trimming the lawn.

  1. Gasoline Trimmer

A gasoline trimmer is perfect for a big lawn. In the gasoline trimmer, there remains a gas pump. A gasoline-powered trimmer is for thick grass or brush trim. The gasoline trimmer is powered by a gas engine so it makes more noise than the electric trimmer. Be careful while using the gasoline trimmer. Do check the pump line before starting the trimmer.

Guidance to choose the weed eater

Choose the right trimmer considering your land area, even or uneven, straight or bushy.

 To choose the perfect weed whacker or whipper, you need to know some facts about some parameters. Those are-

  • For a large yard, use a cordless trimmer or gasoline trimmer.
  •  For a small lawn, use an electric corded whacker or whipper.
  • Map your distance to the electric powerhouse.
  • Get cable according to your land area.
  • Standard voltage for electric whackers.
  • The motor capacity of gasoline trimmer according to land area.

Safety and precautions

Since you will be working with electric gadgets, you should follow some safety and precautions while using the weed whacker or whipper. Those are-

  • Check all the electric cables.
  • Check the switchboard.
  • Auto- shutoff button, triggered buttons are on or off, do check it.
  • Keep extra string for the trimmer.
  • Gasoline trimmer pump is absolutely fine or not, give a check before starting it.
  • Battery-powered weed whackers’ capacity according to your land size.
  • Check the handle of the weed whipper.
  • For any repair in the gasoline trimmer, remove the spark plug.
  • Use boots and sturdy shoes to avoid grass or weeds irritations.
  • Use a safety glass as the weeds or grass will fly in scattered ways.
  • You can use gloves to avoid the vibration of the weed whacker’s handle. (If the vibration bother you)
  • Turn off the choke to stop wasting fuel.


Weedwhacker, whipper, eater are the same in their function but the names are different from a regional aspect. For trimming the weeds or grasses in a lawn, trimmers are basic tools. One can have it at the local market. Do follow safety guidelines while using it. And don’t think there is a huge difference among weed eaters, whippers, string lines, etc.


Question 1: Can I use my scissors to cut the grasses or weeds?

Answer: Shears can be used for small yards. Move the shears with the adjustable size you want on your lawn.

Question 2: Can I use a weed whacker in my corner of the lawn attached to the building?

Answer: Yes you can use it. But use the string trimmer. As there may have been some construction defects.

Question 3: Does weed whipper work as a lawnmower?

Answer: It works the same. But the lawnmower gives a matte finish to the grass cutting.

Question 4: Do I need to disperse water before using the weed eater?

Answer: No. Don’t use water before trimming.

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